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I had known Glen before as he used to sort funding on my small investment property portfolio. My wife and I had been living in Spain for several years and the Brexit situation prompted us to return to the UK. We had no UK credit rating and no provable income, so a standard mortgage was not achievable. Glen reassured us that he could arrange appropriate finance via equity release, three months later we moved into our beautiful home back in the UK. Hats off Glen we will be eternally grateful.

Mr P Marshall

We had tried another well know equity released company who failed to meet our objectives. Glen was then recommended to me by a friend who he had previously looked after. Amazingly, Glen came up with a solution which worked very well for us and we were able to achieve our objectives and my wife was delighted that we were able to upgrade the property to a modern standard that met with all her friend’s approval. Top man mate!

Bruce Reekie